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Welcome to the HAL Collection of the GERiiCO laboratory

The GERiiCO laboratory is a research unit of the University of Lille (EA 4073). It is composed of 39 scientists from different faculties. GERiiCO's main focus is the analysis of information  and communication practices, processes and systems that are understood in their linguistic and discursive, technological and symbolic dimensions.

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Nom: Hélène Prost

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Towards FAIR principles for research software  (18/11/2019)  
« (…) In this work, we aim to summarize the current status of the debate around FAIR and software, as basis … Continuer la lecture de « Towards FAIR principles for research software »

Proceedings of the QuWeDa 2019: 3rd Workshop on Querying and Benchmarking the Web of Data – Auckland, New Zealand, October 26-30, 2019  (18/11/2019)  
CPP Projet de conservation partagée des périodiques des universités francophones de Belgique  (18/11/2019)  
Qu’est-ce que le KM ?  (18/11/2019)  
Appel à projets 2020 pour conversion rétrospective dans Calames  (18/11/2019)  

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